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We believe that the technologies that have transformed our consumer lives have vast untapped potential to transform our civic lives. We believe that government, business and communities must be partners in this effort. And we believe that Seattle can lead the way.

Our efforts are focused on understanding and shaping Seattle's growth, because we believe this to be the central challenge facing Seattle: how can we harness our booming economy to create a city that's more livable, equitable and sustainable?

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- For Residents -

Seattle in Progress

Our namesake site is a free desktop and mobile web app for seeing what's being built in Seattle. Think of it as a modern alternative to the “notice of proposed land use” boards currently posted at construction sites. Find any proposed or under construction building in Seattle, see high quality 3D architectural renderings and learn how you can shape development in your neighborhood.

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- For Professionals -

Seattle in Progress Pro

Our professional subscription service adds more detailed data and powerful monitoring and analytics, providing professionals with a complete view of the new construction pipeline.

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Ethan Phelps-Goodman

Seattle in Progress is run by Ethan Phelps-Goodman. Ethan is a software developer, data scientist and civic organizer, with over 15 years of experience spanning the tech industry, non-profits, government and academia. Ethan is motivated by his belief that technologists need to play a more conscious role in shaping the cities in which they live.

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